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2023 Lone Star Scramble 

Saturday October 21st

Deadline for Sign up Thursday the 19th at 5:00. Pairing Party at the Club at 6:00 on Friday the 20th

Sign Up Sheet is in the Pro Shop, and you can sign up by email.

This is a throwback event we are re-kindling.  Each team of 4 players (A,B,C,D) will play a combination of a 3 man captains choice on each hole, along with one individual score for that hole, added together to make a team total on each hole.  One person’s scores will count on 1,5,9,13,17. One will count on 2,6,10,14,18.  One will count on 3,7,11,15. One will count on 4,8,12,16.  Whatever group of holes the team selects, the order does not change, so there is some strategy involved for sure. (like make sure you don’t use Feddie on 1)  The remaining three players who are not counting on the individual side will play a captains choice on that hole.  NO RED TEES CAN BE USED ON THE CAPTAINS CHOICE SIDE.  All Red Tee Players will be able to play from the Red Tees when it is their individual holes and they will receive their Red Tee Strokes.  All Other players will select the tees (eligible by age) they are going to play when signing up and play from those tees in all formats.  Many have played this event in the past so they will understand how it goes if you have questions.  

First Place: 10 Points           Sixth Place: 5 Points

Second Place: 9 Points          Seventh Place: 4 Points

Third Place: 8 Points          Eighth Place: 3 Points

Fourth Place: 7 Points          Ninth Place: 2 Points

Fifth Place: 6 Points          Tenth Place: 1 Points